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Early Signs of Autism

By: Life Skills Autism Academy / 08 Apr 2021
Early Signs of Autism

Many parents often can sense something is different about their child long before they achieve an autism diagnosis. Here are some early signs, and next steps you can take if you suspect your child is living with autism.


Many autism symptoms present themselves based around key milestones in a child's development, such as speaking and maintaining eye contact. Here are a few signs of autism in children that may help you determine if your child needs further assessment. 

Is your child not responding to his or her name? Non-responsiveness to their name being called or a lack of interest in peer socialization is often an indication of autism in young children.

Does your child avoid eye contact or lack socially appropriate facial expressions? Children with autism tend to have difficulty with sharing social moments, such as maintaining eye contact or responding with socially appropriate facial expressions. 

Has your child exhibited delayed speech or verbal/nonverbal communication? It is common for children diagnosed with ASD to have limited verbal and nonverbal communications. This can include delayed speech when compared to same-aged peers.

Does your child exhibit severe mood swings or "meltdowns?" When children with autism feel scared, frustrated or uncomfortable, they often react in extreme ways, such as prolonged, frequent outbursts.

Has your child demonstrated a new skill, only for it to slowly disappear? One early sign of autism is when a child does not retain skills learned over time. 

Is your child over-sensitive to noise or other stimuli? Many children with autism have adverse responses to touch, specific sounds or textures, or may exhibit excessive smelling or touching of objects. This can also present itself as a visual fascination with lights or movement.


If your child is showcasing any of the above symptoms of autism, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician. Your child's doctor will then be able to direct you towards the appropriate next steps for your child. 

If you have questions regarding autism, achieving a diagnosis, or any other related topics, our team of experts at Life Skills Autism Academy is available to help. We offer insights into all aspects of autism, from diagnosis to treatment plans, free of charge. For more information, please call us at 1-888-915-4551 or email us at


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