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  • What is the process to receive ABA therapy for my child?

    There are 5 typical steps in order for a child to receive ABA therapy. Life Skills Autism Academy can help you navigate this process and support you along the way.

    Step 1: Screening

    A screening, like the M-Chat ®, can help identify the likelihood that your child may have autism. Screenings are not a formal diagnosis and should be used in conjunction with a formal diagnosis appointment.

    Step 2: Diagnosis

    Working with a medical professional who can provide a formal diagnosis, such as a pediatrician or licensed psychologist, you and your child will complete a diagnostic test to determine if a child has an official diagnosis of ASD.

    Step 3: Insurance Navigation

    Working with your insurance provider, we will help navigate the process to verify if coverage is provided. In addition, we will help you submit all the necessary paperwork to obtain an authorization from your provider to receive ABA therapy as a covered benefit.

    Step 4: Assessment

    A Life Skills Autism Academy Supervising Clinician will meet with you and your child to complete an assessment, which is a series of tests that determine what therapy level is recommended. Also known as "treatment intensity", the dosage recommendation of ABA therapy is commonly prescribed in hours per week.

    Step 5: Treatment Planning

    Once your insurance provider approves the assessment and therapy hours, a Life Skills Autism Academy Supervising Clinician will sit down with you and your child to discuss an individualized, child-centric treatment plan. This plan will be centered around the needs of your child, unique to your child, and with your input.

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